5 Bad Habits That are Affecting Your Skin

Are you Guilty?

1. Touching Your Face

Ever think about how many different things you touch in a day?
Probably not because you’re so used to it that there is never even a second thought. Well, think about how other many people might be touching the same doorknobs you do or how many people the cashier at your favorite cafe has transferred money in the course of a day. It might be a little obvious but all this is spreading GERMS.

Since I was younger my dad would always say that “your fingers are the 10 dirtiest things on your body”. Of course back then I thought nothing of it until I started to find myself picking at my face here and there. This is one of the worst things you can do because it can lead to even more breakouts no matter how many products you try.

If you really can’t resist touching your face I suggest at least washing them well first.

2. Drinking Alcohol

“All alcohol dehydrates the skin,” says Dr. Jessica Krant of Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Hydrated skin is key to having healthy skin and you might have to leave the shots alone at the next couple of parties. You might be the only sober one but at least your skin will look bomb. This if of course if you’re taking other necessary steps to take care of your skin.

3. Not Sleeping

I’m pretty sure there isn’t such a thing as going to college and not having quite a few all-nighters under your belt. Maybe even a couple weekends that are just a little too LIT (lit studying of course) interfere with the amount the time you get in your bed.

According to Laci Michaud of Alaska Sleep Clinic “When you are tired the blood in your body is not flowing efficiently which normally results in a lack of oxygen in the blood. This lack of oxygen causes your skin to appear ashy, pigmented, or blotchy.” In other words, if you’re not following the doctor’s orders and getting enough hours of sleep it might be why your skin is dry or dull.

4. Drinking Coffee

Yes, I know. Sometimes you just NEED it for those long nights and early mornings but it could be why your face isn’t clearing up. Much like alcohol coffee dehydrates the body and that includes your face. Plus if you have any type of dairy in your drink it can possibly trigger acne. Many who have removed dairy from their diet have found their skin improve.

Now I’m not saying to give up the coffee just be mindful if you’re having multiple cups a day that you’re not showing your skin much love.

5. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

What’s the point of all the skincare regimens if you’re putting on makeup with dirty brushes on the regular. Even as someone who doesn’t wear makeup regularly I make sure to keep my brushes clean. I know I’ve already put this word out there but I’ll say it one more time… can you say GERMS?!

Your brushes accumulate dust and dirt and then you’re transferring that onto your favorite products and then onto your face. Just think about where you keep your brushes. In the bathroom maybe? Imagine all those toilet particles that are flying after every flush. What about in your bedroom? It’d be pretty hard to avoid getting any hair products you might be spraying from reaching your brushes especially if you’re not thinking about it.

Personally, after I do my makeup a few times I’ll use a little bit of baby shampoo (it’s more sensitive than regular shampoo) and some warm water to clean my brushes. It’s usually not until that moment I realize how much makeup actually builds up.

Time to Turn a New Leaf

Of course, we all have our bad habits when it comes to our skin but it’s time to recognize what they are so they are no longer a factor. The road to clear skin and maintaining it takes time and it isn’t easy but it is so worth it.

Share some of your bad habits when it comes to your skin. Maybe we can work on a couple things together.

xo, TaylorMichelle


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