Using Exfoliating Gloves for the First Time

I think it’s really important to highlight that the skin that’s not on your face aka the rest of your body should be a part of skincare discussions as well. During one of my frequent stops at Walmart I found myself in the skin/body care related section (what’s new? lol) and while there I spotted something I wanted to try.

Can you guess wat it was…wait I already gave it away headline…..oops. Well in case you missed the title it was exfoliating bathing gloves. My reasoning behind wanting to try them was that every once in a while I would get a whitehead on my chest or upper back/should area I figured maybe I need to try something new.

Right out the package, the gloves aren’t exactly a harsh material but they aren’t soft either considering they’re for exfoliating. The gloves were pretty easy to put on…they fit me like a…glove….ha (no…okay).

Before even getting in the shower I decided that I was only going to use one since it was my first time and I already felt weird about wearing gloves in the shower.

Upon getting in I used a sensitive bar of soap instead of my usual body wash because I felt like I could judge the product that wy better. The soap easily transferred onto the glove and as far as I could tell ass I washed away also suds up well on my body. The glove didn’t feel too harsh on my body and didn’t make my shower too difficult.

Once I was done the glove was easy to ring out and I set it aside to dry.

The Verdict 

Although I did like having a new experience I’m not sure If I’ll actually make the effort to fit it into my shower routine. I still feel pretty weird about putting a glove on to get into the shower. If anything it’ll probably be something I use every once in a while when I feel my skin needs a little extra love.

xo, TaylorMichelle


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