Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin

I’ve been using Vanity Planet’s Spin for Perfect Skin now for almost a year. I originally found out about it when a couple of YouTubers I followed mention the product. Anyone that has heard or seen someone promote it before has heard the whole “If you use my code you get 70% off” speech.

Now while this is true, I must inform you that it’s all a part of Vanity Planet’s marketing strategy likely in a way so that those promoting it feel like they are giving their audience something. In other words don’t feel obligated to use anyone’s code because no matter when you go on the site code or not the handle with the three brushes and pumice stone will likely be $30 even though they list the price as $99.99.

Exhibit A:

I myself thought I was getting this amazing deal (which it is in comparison to actually paying $100-$200+ for a Clarisonic face brush) so I did rush into the purchase. It wasn’t until I went on the site without a limited time code and noticed that it was always 30 and if push came to shove they do have it for even less on websites like Groupon and Walmart (don’t say you got this info from me lol).

About The Product

Taken from Vanity Planet’s website

“Say goodbye to manual cleansing and say hello to noticeably clearer skin with Vanity Planet’s Spin for Perfect Skin. An easy-to-use, comprehensive system that allows you to clean your skin deeper are more efficiently than your hands alone. Spin for Perfect Skin’s rotating movement comes with four brush heads designed to cleanse skin deeper and more efficiently than manual cleansing alone. Needless to say, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.”

The Package Includes

1 Battery Powered, Spin for Perfect Skin Single-Speed, Water-Resistant Handle: Universal, single-speed mode designed to work effectively and efficiently on face and body of all skin types.
(Please note, batteries are not included. 4 AA batteries required.)

1 Daily Cleansing Facial Brush: made of ultra-soft, nylon bristles designed to remove the outermost layers of dead skin and debris, making the facial skin more radiant and clear.

1 Exfoliating Facial Brush: made of pliable, synthetic bristles designed to break apart dead, hardened skin cells that diminish skin’s appearance and inhibit maximum product absorption.

1 Body Brush: made of nylon, the body brush is larger than any of our facial brushes and is designed to cleanse broad sections of skin such as arms, legs, and torso.

1 Pumice Stone: designed to exfoliate the calloused, cracked skin on your heels for soft, sandal-ready feet.

My Experience

Before this, the only vibrating cleanser I ever used was The Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power‑Cleanser until it was discontinued and I could no longer find refill pads in the store, plus I didn’t have the patience to order them online. That little product right there showed me a whole new world. Whenever I had a blemish I knew all I needed to do was wash my face one time with it and it’d be gone soon. So when I no longer had that in my life I was devastated.
I believe this is a part of the reason why I was so quick to hop on The Spin for Perfect Skin. I don’t regret that decision for one minute as you can see it has become a part of my nightly routine. I mostly use Daily Cleansing Facial Brush I find that it does a really good job getting off any excess makeup and aiding when I have blemishes. The bristles are really soft and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

With that being said what are some skincare products you can’t live without?

xo, TaylorMichelle


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